About Us

Hello, I'm Jacqueline (or Jackie), the founder of Shirley Rose. 

I was born and raised in Connecticut, and I am a licensed massage therapist. The journey to creating Shirley Rose started as I gained more knowledge about aromatherapy and began exploring with different aromas.

The name Shirley Rose comes from my mother and her love for roses. 

The mission of Shirley Rose is to inspire you to feel as beautiful and confident as my mother and sensual and sexy as a rose. 


I carefully create each product by hand with love. 

The natural oils and moisturizing butter in all of our products will help give you a natural glow; the essential and fragrance oils used will provide an aroma that boosts a feeling of sexiness and confidence.


Whether you're fearless and ambitious or sweet and sensual, Shirley Rose will help you feel beautiful in mind, body, and spirit. 

❤️ Jacqueline